Collaboration means in its genealogy – we tend to forget – working together with your enemy in times of war. Considering also working as a free-lancer aka an armed warrior and outlaw fighting it is unbelievable how we came to choose words of war for processes of art making. We collaborate to be inspired, to get a reason to move, to be distracted from patterns, to learn, to transform and to survive. We turn enemies into comrades and we turn and turn and turn …. undoing relations and forms and words and hierarchies.

Since 2017 we collaborate with Kampnagel Hamburg. It became an artistic and political home.

Tanzfaktur supported and showed my work since 2018. Our collaboration became coproduction last year and we will intensify alliance in the future.

Ballhaus Ost is our base in Berlin since 2017 – a political and open house with a beautiful audience.


Since 2010 I collaborate with CDSH as a choreographer for stage-projects and a teacher for Improvisation classes.

(c) Silviu Guiman