About – Welcome to our bodies. This is the website of Ursina Tossi.


I grew up in a small village in southern Germany. Mother careworker Father musician. Two siblings. At the age of 15 I left my family and gained experience as a salesperson, care worker, in other physical jobs, but also as a queer-feminist activist. Before I discovered dance at the age of 25, I had my first daughter at 19 and was a single mother for 15 years. I studied classical ballet, contemporary dance, politics and philosophy in Ludwigshafen and Mannheim and received my MA in Choreography at ArtEZ Arnhem in 2014. I would never have done that without my many companions. Thanks again! For me, queer feminism is not just an emancipatory project, it is a life- practice: housework, mutual support, dancing, making art – and doing politics belong together. My work combines dance and political discourse with intense physicality and moves between NRW, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and, since 2020, internationally. My pieces arise from a queer-feminist position and together with the people I work with.

My aesthetics and contest are inspired by pop culture, science fiction, activism, movies, the horror genre, politics, historie(s) but most of all by the people I work with and my own life experience. The dance pieces convince the audience with strong images, dance virtuosity, content and choreographic conciseness and atmospheric density. Artistic access and integrated audio description are part of my work.

In coproduction with Kampnagel and Tanzfaktur Cologne I have produced BARE BODIES 2017, BLUE MOON 2018, WITCHES 2019, REVENANTS 2020 and FUX 2021 – a piece for young audiences with- and without visual impairments and I will produce and show COSMICBODIES 2022 – a piece about alienbodies and extreme othering. I had the DanceWeb scholarship at the Vienna Impuls Dance Festival and the 8-month residency at K3 in 2012. Since 2010 I’m part of the artist collective TREFFEN TOTAL. In 2019-21 I received the conceptual funding from the City of Hamburg, in 2021 and 22 the structural funding Diehl & Ritter Tanzpakt Reconnect, in 2021 the 3-year funding from Fonds Daku.

I’m currently researching and implementing access practices in my work in order to connect and expand the interests and spectra of the audience’s perception with and without impairments or disadvantages. Since 2019 I have been working with artistic audio description and last year in the research project SPOKEN DANCE.